Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

Do you have a gig coming up and are you looking for the best DJ speakers for house parties?

House parties are very common nowadays. People enjoy drinks and booze at the comfort of their homes. With bottles of beers, food, and a wild party DJ, all is set for an evening of entertainment. If you want to host a party, you might want to have a night that your guests can never forget.

One thing that would let you achieve this is to have a good party music and in doing so, you will need a number of excellent speakers suitable for your social gathering. But before selecting speakers for your event, you have to consider different factors.

If you want the best sound for your DJ equipment setup, you have must speakers that can handle loud volume without compromising the quality for your sound. Another aspect you might consider when selecting speakers is being Bluetooth-enabled and its compatibility.

Since we are in the age of technology, many are plunging into wireless technology such as playing music through Bluetooth speakers which offers convenience for people who move from place to place.

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Before spending your money, here are some tips for you in selecting party speakers:

  • Needs

There are various types of speakers in the market depending on your needs. Some models are designed to handle all types of occasions and some are not. So before breaking your budget, it is best to do some research first on your speaker requirements.

  • Environment

Before buying a speaker, consider first your environment. Will you be using it for school? Clubs? Outdoor. Since there are many types of venues for parties, appropriate speakers should also be considered for particular venues.

  • Features of Speaker

An excellent speaker should have an amplifier that will provide good sound without distortion. The woofer controls the speaker’s bass levels. The Tweeters control the treble levels. Horn speakers, on the other hand, help the tweeters produce sound.

A subwoofer produces bass sound at subsonic levels. All of these mentioned features affect the quality of sound a speaker produces.

  • Wattage

The wattage describes the amount or level of amperage that needs to power the speaker. The higher the wattage, the louder a speaker can get. Most speakers used at home has eight watts. Professional events and nightclubs use 800 to 2,000 watts for loud music. Interest buyers should take note that more watts do not always be a good choice since house parties are not too big.

  • Accessibility and Power

The power in party speakers is supplied in two different ways. One is by plugging a cord into an A/V outlet and the second is by using a speaker with a self-contained lithium battery. These batteries used are lightweight and can give users more options for set up.

But batteries do not hold too long and this may add up to your expenses. Many speakers nowadays are Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with both Android and IOs system. This would mean playing music through laptops, mobiles devices, and computers.

Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

Here are the top three best speakers for house parties:

1. QSC K10 2-Way Powered Speaker

When it comes to standard and lightweight loudspeakers, the QSC K10 2-Way Powered Speaker series is one of the top choices. Under Pat Quilter, this amplifier has produced a new standard in power models Class D in the speaker industry.

It broke the traditional speaker series with its full-range models which are fitted to 1.75’ HF device for impressive performance. Its extensive DSP processing is used throughout which gives clear levels of sonic output.

It is made of premium materials with advanced mounting and suspension construction fit for wide range of applications.


o Light enclosures

o Impressive appearance

o Clear sonic output

o Ergonomic handles

o Ease of transport

o Durable

2. Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker

The Yamaha DBR10 700 Watt Powered speaker provides impressive sound quality and portability in three different models. With the use of latest DSP, sound engineers used FIR-X tuning for optimized sound and algorithms in order to give a maximum output power.

For DBR models use separate power amplifier for woofers and higher frequency driver to bring controlled and accurate performance. With just a simple switch, DBR can be easily configured for the use of high performance and great sounding for a speaker set up.

This Yamaha DBR10 also has a seven-year warranty which would mean assure long life and durability,


o 10 inches powered speaker

o High performance

o 700 watts power

3. Electro-Voice ZLX-12P

The Electro-Voice ZLX-12P is a 12 inches 2-way powered speaker. It is light and compact which is designed to give excellent power and performance compared to small-size speakers making it an excellent choice for smaller areas or stage monitoring.

When you choose this speaker, you can hear the EV difference. It features a custom driver housed with new cabinet design and versatile ZLX models which make EVs an impressive choice for those who want a great sound quality and reliable speaker.

The Electro-Voice ZLX-12P has proved pro-audio engineering with a bold style and user-friendly features which can give many options for control over sounds.

The Electro-Voice series is available in 12 and 15 inches version and perfect for both main and monitors and for DJs, musicians, and performers who are looking for a portable speaker.


o Full range 50Hz to 20kHz

o Power on and limit LED indicator

o LCD Display with knob control

o Precise and can be easily set up

o Combo jack connector

o Polypropylene enclosure

o Gauge steel with black powder coating

o Durable construction and innovative style


House parties can be very exciting especially when music is in the heart of the night entertainment. In order to achieve successful house partying, music speakers must be fit to such an event.

These three speakers mentioned above are one of the top choices for speakers best for house parties. Be sure to check first your speaker needs and requirements before diving into the stores and spending your money.

Not only does the music have to sound good. But the quality of the speakers is also vital when determining how much do DJs get paid.

Consider your environment, the performance of speakers, the average wattage for Djs, the durability and of course your budget. I hope this helps you find the best DJ speakers for house parties.

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