Best Travel Midi Keyboard

Best Travel Midi Keyboard

Are you looking for the best travel midi keyboard for your “on the go” producer needs? You’ve landed in the right place.

With the advancement of technology, the music industry today also evolves. One of which is MIDI, a popularly the name for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a technology that allows users to generate sounds from multiple virtual instruments and DAW software.

With just a simple connection to a computer, people can enter into a library of unlimited sounds. It is a powerful tool for producing music even in home studios.

With the aid of a software, users can edit recorded sounds, revise and polish notes, transpose sounds, and do so much more. It was developed around the 1980s. MIDI controllers have played an important role in the music industry to date.

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Why people use MIDI Controllers?

When it comes to making music, MIDI controllers have become an essential device which is considered a part of the lifestyle of aspiring and professional musicians because of its editing and production techniques. Here are some advantages of MIDI controllers:

It has the ability to play different instruments.

People who use MIDI controllers can create any type of sound in any form of instrument and capable of producing orchestrated music which includes hundreds of sounds from different tools such as guitars, pianos, violins, basses, and more.

It gives you the freedom to arrange and orchestrate.

When using a MIDI keyboard controller, users can arrange and rearrange music easily. Users can modify their composition by adding phrases or rearranging chorus and verses. With the use of a MIDI controller, you can revise particular notes or reorganize an entire song with a wide range of instruments. In addition, you can isolate individual instruments and notes for future reference.

It is very convenient for creating music.

Aside from editing notes, this controller allows users to easily compose original songs with so many options depending on your musical requirements.

You may also want to look at these characteristics when choosing a quality MIDI keyboard controller:

  • Performance

A good controller must be able to provide a reliable service that you can get. It should be sensitive especially when playing various notes at different sound levels.

It should also have features such as programming drum beats, real-time loops, and more. The controller must produce realistic sounds.

  • Design

Some MIDI controller designs have keys while others have knobs and sliders for mixing and tweaking music. They usually look like a small version of a keyboard or piano but smaller in size and have fewer keys. Most common keyboards have 25 or 32 keys with panel push buttons and knobs. This controller is also a plug-and-play device which is very convenient.

  • Durability

A good quality keyboard must be sturdy enough so that you can make use of it every day without damaging it.  It should withstand the idea of using it for hours during recording and jam sessions.

Best Travel Midi Keyboard

If you are interested to buy one, here are some of the recommended MIDI keyboard controllers in the market today:

1. Alesis V25 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard

If you are looking for a controller that offers impressive features, then the Alesis V25 25 Key Midi Controller is a good match for you. This portable device is best for those who love to compose tracks on the road. It has a small dimension that lets you press space in your private studio or small working space.


The Alesis V25 has 25 sensitive action keys, four sensitive drum pads, and four knobs. It has two buttons for Up and Down Octave and four modulation buttons, pitch bend and sustains.

Users can play chords, melodies, and bass lines by extending a melodic range of the synth keys through octave buttons. Its drum pads are excellent for introducing sample clips as well as playing drums.


The V25 is slimmer compared to other MIDI controllers because it has fewer inputs. However, because of its compact size (1.1 pounds), it can fit into purses, laptop bags, and sleeves. The controller looks minimalist stylish because of its black panel and white and black keyboard.


The Alesis V25 is built with plastic material but strong enough to sustain everyday use. Its pads are responsive and the buttons are smooth to play.


o Beautiful and stylish design

o With Xpand!2 software

o Plug-and-play

o Portable and lightweight


o Fewer controls

o No DAW included in the device

o A bit expensive

2. Midiplus Midi Controller

With Midiplus MIDI Controller, you get a 32-key keyboard at only $50 or less and that is already a great deal. With AKM322 from MIDIPlus, an aspiring music or hobbyist can already have an impressive keyboard controller at a very cheap price.

This controller has 32 sensitive keys with 11 function buttons, three knobs, endless encoder, a volume slider, and two modulation wheels and pitch. You can enjoy a very flexible keyboard controller in creating sequences with just one board with multiple options. It only weighs 1.68 pounds which means you can carry it because of its portability.


o Standard design

o Best for beginners and enthusiasts

o Affordable


o Keys are a bit stiff when brand new

o Don’t have many features

3. Akai Professional LPK25

The Akai Professional LPK25 is a portable 25- key MIDI keyboard with excellent controls. It has small keys and impressive controls that can give you expressive performances with computer-based audio workstation and sequencers.

This MIDI keyboard controller comes with 25 sensitive keys best for writing music, capturing ideas from its all music creation software. The Akai Professional is a plug-and-play device which can be connected to a USB port. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

It does not require driver installation. This MIDI controller is perfect for Pro Tools, Cubase, Digital Performer, and Ableton.  It is powered through USB and does not require an additional power cable. It also boasts Up and Down Octave button, sustain and tempo controls that can help you translate music ideas into life.


o Compact

o Light and portable

o Comes with much free software

o Best for low-impact music sessions


o No sustain for pedal port

o Keys are a little bit squishy


The MIDI keyboard controller is a very useful device for all types of musicians. Because of technology, musicians become more innovative and creative and this type of device is one of those that greatly help them translate many ideas and experiment more in music production using a DAW.

It is important to have enough knowledge on these type of controllers for better music output. If you’re working on FL Studio, check out my review on the best controller for FL Studio.  

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you find the best travel midi keyboard for your needs.

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