Cheap Dj Equipment Packages for Beginners

Dj Equipment Packages for Beginners

You’re here because you’re looking for the best Dj equipment packages for beginners. I know it can be overwhelming with so many brands out there so I want to cut through the clutter and give you my top picks when starting out.

When buying a Dj setup, you want to make sure it’s high quality because the last thing you want is a system that crashes during a gig. This can ruin your reputation as a Dj and is bad for business.

Even thought I’ll cober some cheap Dj equipment packages for beginners, I don’t want you to go super cheap if it will sacrifice your business.

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Dj Equipment Packages for Beginners

1. Numark DJ2GO2 DJ Controller

The Numark DJ2GO2 is a really good start for beginners who are looking to become a professional Dj.

Since it’s small and portable in size, you can actually sit this on your laptop which makes it very convenient. It has two channels, each with its own small jogwheel, volume knob, pause/play buttons, cue, and sync as well.

Each channel also has its own pitch fader which will help for beatmatching, auto/manual looping and an awesome sampler. The middle of the unit includes cue and master volume knobs, a crossfader, deck load buttons, and a huge browse knob.

The DJ2GO2 has it own sound card and ⅛” headphone and master output jacks. It also has a mini USB jack on the side.

They provide you with leads and a copy of Serato Dj intro “lite” and it works with Virtual Dj as well.

What about the Jogwheels?

The jogwheels on the DJ2GO2 are for pitch bends when you are doing manual beatmatching and you can use them for scrubbing through tracks. So if you’re a scratching type of Dj, then this isn’t for you because there’s no scratch or vinyl mode.

Performance Pads Review

The DJ2GO2 comes with four pads per channel/deck with four different pad modes. If you load up Serato Dj, you can set hot cues in “cues” mode. The other pad modes are Auto/Manual loops where you can set points for Loop in/Loop out and a sampler mode for triggering sounds from Serato.

Manual Beatmixing Review

The DJ2GO2 comes with short-throw pitch faders that allow you to perform beatmixes without using the sync button which is very convenient. This is also good for beginners who want to learn manual beatmixing or Dj’s who prefer mixing manually.

Small and Portable

You can take this anywhere you choose just by placing it in your gear bag with headphones and your laptop. Add in a portable speaker and you can spin anywhere you like. Even on vacations, at a friends house, or wherever you choose.

Just for its portability alone, this is the best price for a portable controller. If you’re a beginner Dj, this is a great start if you don’t have much cash.

2. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | USB DJ Controller

The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 controller is pretty sleek and good for beginners. This is my favorite model compared to their more expensive models.

When you first look at this controller, you notice the long-throw pitch controls, channel filters, the touchstrips, and jogwheels. There are VU meters for the master output.

The two channel controller has limited performance pads functions (since its a cheaper model). The knobs and faders are lower quality compared the the more expensive ones but still good for beginners.

You get the free version of Serato Dj that you can download and get started spinning right away. This is great for beginners to start blending music together.

You get three single effects per side in the effects section with the touchstrip for the wet/dry function. The Mixtrack 3 comes with 8 pads per side. The four on the top control auto/manual looping and sampling while the you can control the cues with the bottom four.

It comes with a ¼” mic channel which go through the main output instead of the software. It provides two headphone inputs (¼” & ⅛”) and a twin master RCA output which is good for the price range.

You get pitch bend controls, a master gain control, cue mix and headphone volume controls. You also get two master VU meters to monitor your output.

So far, this is the best mixtrack version out and has great reviews. It’s natural and easy to use for beginners and also at a great price for starting out.

3. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDj-SB3 is one of the more popular controllers yet it’s still an awesome choice for beginners. It’s also the third installment of Pioneers SB series.

It comes with a scratch button that has built it patterns for you to use if you’re a beginner which is a pretty awesome feature in my opinion..

Of course you get Serato “lite” addition which is standard amongst this price point. This is great when starting out and getting your feet wet.

It is UBS powered and has RCA outputs, a  ⅛” headphone input, a ¼” microphone input with a volume control on the back of the unit.

It very light but sturdy and comes with 8 performance pads per side. It also includes individual channel filters, and trim/hi/lo/mid channel controls.

The jogwheels are small but made with aluminium and are pretty responsive. They have the standard CDJ/vinyl mode and scrubbing mode while holding shift and turning the jogwheels.

You get transport buttons, tempo/pitch controls that are very responsive as well. You pitch all the way down to 0.02% as well as toggle the tempo between 50%, 16%, and 8% with a keylock button for altering your tempo while fixing your pitch.

The two channel mixer is small but get the job done on a cheaper model like this one. You get split VU meters for the left and right re-fader volumes (no master VU out).

It also comes with two effect engines with three effects “each” which cover the basics if you’re a beginner. It also has a post fader which is rare for a controller at this price point.

The red performance pads are great for beginners and are used for the pad scratch, hot cues, and FX fading. You can do loop rolls, combine filters and do spinbacks as well with the on button functions.

It has a transformer feature with a gate which syncs to the beat. It sounds really good if you use them on vocals and has 8 different time variations.

All-in-all, the DDJ-SB2 is endorsed by Dj Jazzy Jeff and comes with his signature scratches you can use with the scratch pad which is great for starting out.

4. Denon DJ MC4000 | 2-Channel DJ Controller

The Denon DJ MC4000 comes with a metal top plate and is plastic on the bottom and the sides. It feels light for the price and is also a good starting point for beginners because it doesn’t take up to much space due to its compact size.

The DJ MC4000 is USB and also comes with a standard power supply.


It comes with huge 100mm pitch faders which is a surprise at this price point. This is good for manual beatmixing or learning when starting out.

It has sturdy and solid jogwheels with a great feel and weight which makes it very comfortable to use when you’re spin at a gig.

On the transport section you have eight performance pads that have multiple uses. The top four pads are used for hot cues. While you can use the bottom for everything else.

It also comes with a loop/FX section where you can setup auto loop functions which can increase/decrease the loop by ½. You can also activate the manual loop function when pressing shift.

The controller also has knobs for volume control, buttons for an echo effect, the amount of echo and even an EQ for the mics. It comes with a two channel mixer, gain/filter/EQ knobs and four sample pads in the center which is good for one-shots during a session.

It has plenty of outputs (three output combinations) as well. A TSR booth, one balanced XLR master output, and a RCA master output. It comes with three inputs. A TSR microphone, a XLR microphone, and a RCA input that bypasses the software.


One of the main things is also to make sure you have some good dj speakers. So check out my reviews for DJ speakers for house parties.

These are all good options if you’re starting out and want to get into the business of a DJ and learn how to get better at Djing. Now have fun on your journey as a Dj and get paid while living your dream. Check out this post if you’re looking into creating your own beats using FL Studio. Thanks for checking out the best Dj equipment packages for beginners.


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