How to Get into the Rap Industry

How to Get into the Rap Industry

If you’re looking for information on how to get into the rap industry, I’ll give you 7 tips to get you started.

Successful rappers or any music artist did not become successful overnight. They experience a long way road in order to reach their dream jobs.

Some people must also have the same aspiration but do not know how to do so. In order to become a successful rapper, people need a lot of things to do including aspects of music production, marketing, networking, arranging finance and more.

It may seem overwhelming and impossible but once you start plotting our plans for your future, it can be realized as fairly simple.

Typical artists go on recording studios, create music, broadcast them through the use of social media every day. This cycle is being g repeated until they run out of money and finally burn out.

But for those who want to succeed in the rap industry, it is important to focus on learning and educating their self about different aspects when entering this type of industry.

Here are some steps for you to start your career in the rap industry:

How to Get into the Rap Industry

Becoming an artist is similar to starting a business. You do not go into business if you do not have a foundation. Same is true in the music industry. You cannot go into the rap industry if you do not know music.

1. Select the target audience and create music fit for them

Making good music for your selected audience is your top priority. You must keep in mind that when producing music for your audience, you allow your music to enter their emotions, connect with them in order to have potential fans.

There are a lot of emotions you can explore in doing your music such as confidence, anger, excitement, motivation, envy, love, happiness or trust.

Regardless of what type of emotions you want to portray on tour songs, make sure your listeners feel it. You have to study your audience on the types of emotions they likely want to receive. If your target people are joyful and full of excitement, you might want to create positive songs to make them feel enjoy and happy.

Aside from emotions, you must also understand them by knowing their age range, a majority of gender, their hobbies, slangs they use or problems they face. By knowing these, you can connect more easily to your audience which will help you create better songs for them.

2. Focus your effort on your target audience

Not everyone may like your music because of different preference and taste. Instead of being discouraged, focus your efforts on your specific audience. Through this, you can create a fan base based on your music and their taste.

You will generate loyal supporters and be able to get more attention from the broader audience. It is important to not jump from one type of audience into another as it will affect your brand and image.

3. Create goals

Goals are mandatory in the music industry. You do not go into the park without having something in mind that you want to accomplish. Artist must have something that they really want to do. Goals are meant to direct and guide an artist and give them purpose.

Are you entering the rap industry because you want to make money? Want to build a big fan base? Or just create songs? Be clear on your goal and stick with it.

4. Use social media to build your image

Social media has become one of the platforms for massive marketing and networking. Take advantage of social media sites and platforms in order to reach more number of people and connections. Create a page and make sure that it is updated from time to time.

Consistency is the key. Stick with 2-3 social media platforms in order to increase followers. Have a profile on your social media page. This will display your character; the type of music you are producing.

This will also able you to generate potential fans who will later connect with you and interact. Social media sites you may use include Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and Facebook. For music recording and discovering, you may use sites like YouTube, Spotify, soundcloud and apple music.

5. Create a website

Every rapper or artist should have a functional website which will display their music and brand. Websites will allow you to market and install apps like Google Analytics to monitor everyone who visits your website and know their demographics such as location, age, and more.

One your website is up and working, you can start incorporating marketing and advertisement which can pay you in the future.

6. Be connected with influential people

Networking is one of the most essential aspects of the music industry. You should be able to have connections so that you may be closer to opportunities available when you are in the right circle. Networking with the right person will lead you to fast success. Attend as many events as possible and initiate a conversation with many people as possible.

7. Focus on people and not on numbers

Some artist tends to quantify their success in terms of a number of downloads, followers, plays, and views. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem will start if the artist begins to focus numbers over people.

However, they also tend to forget that building a loyal fan base is more important as they are real people who will likely support you and will help you sustain your career.

You can have millions of views on YouTube or 2 million followers on Instagram but if you cannot sell tickets to a live show or make a profit out of your merchandise, then you are not a successful artist.


Being on the music industry is not too simple yet it is not also too difficult. With perseverance, patience, focus, and consistency, an aspiring artist can become successful if they follow the above-mentioned steps.

In a world where music competition is too overwhelming, one must strive hard to differentiate themselves from mainstream music and have the creativity to connect with real people in the real world. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to get into the rap industry. Also, if you’re low on cash, read my article on starting a rap career with no money. If you already have an album, read how to release an EP independently. If you want to add more, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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