How to Hook up two Amps with One RCA Jack

How to Hook up two Amps with One RCA Jack

How to Hook up two Amps with One RCA Jack

How to hook up two amps to one RCA Jack

Amps are the acronym for amplifiers. Amplifiers are electronic devices that are used in the process of increasing the amplitude of electrical signals. Sound reproduction is the process where the amplifiers are used the most.

In simple words, an amplifier is a device used to increase the volume of any electrical, musical or sound emanating instruments.

RCA is the short form for Radio Corporation of America. The Radio Corporation of America is a huge electronics company that is based in the United States of America.

The Radio Corporation of America is the producer of RCA jacks which are electrical connectors that help in connecting one electrical device to another. The Radio Corporation of America jack is the oldest electrical connector in existence. They were first introduced in the 1940s.

Devices that use RCA jacks

RCA jacks being the oldest form of connectors there is, are not used by a lot of modern electronic devices. However, they are not getting obsolete and won’t go redundant in the near future.

Some of the electronic devices which use RCA jacks are old TV sets, DVD players, VCR players, CD players or tape decks, cassette decks, turntable or phonograph etc. These are some of the old forms of electronic devices which are either owned by collectors or enthusiasts. This is because there is no modern-day use for these devices with the advent of technology.

Connecting two amplifiers to one RCA jack

RCA jacks, being the oldest form of connectors, are inconvenient, or in some cases impossible, for the people using them. One of the biggest issues that come along with the RCA jacks is that they might have only one output unit, whereas the newer electronic connectors would have more output units and are very up to date.

The RCA jacks can be amped up by connecting them to splitter cables. An RCA splitter cable can enable the RCA jacks to be connected to two amplifiers.

Proper splitter cable should be bought because the wrong splitter cable would not be able to solve the problem of the RCA jacks. The wrong splitter cable would make the whole process of amping up the RCA jacks redundant.

The RCA jack that has only one output will be made into an efficient functioning jack that can be connected to two amplifiers by following the following steps.

After getting the necessary items, in this case, an RCA jack splitter cable, the following things need to be done:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to set up the RCA jack; that is set up the electronic device that has the single output RCA jack and make sure there is no faulty wiring or damage.
  • The next step to do is to unplug both the red and white male plugs if there are any already plugged into the RCA jack.
  • After unplugging and leaving the RCA jack empty, plug in the splitter cable. This is the most important step and this is the only piece that will help in achieving the needed results.
  • After plugging the splitter cables, there will be two pairs of red and white male plugs. These red and white male plugs can be connected to two amplifiers and hence, the problem is solved.

The above mentioned is one of the ways of “amping up” or connecting two amplifiers to a single RCA jack. There is another method by which one can connect more than one amplifier to an RCA jack. This method is followed by using the daisy-chain connection of wires. The following is another way by which the RCA is connected to more than one amplifier.

  • First set up the electronic device that has the single output RCA jack.
  • After setting up the electronic device set up the amplifiers that are to be connected to the RCA jacks of the electronic device.
  • Make sure that the input and output units of the amplifiers are empty.
  • Now connect a daisy chain splitter to the RCA jack. After connecting, the whole circuit will look like a branch coming out of a stem.
  • After the splitter is set, connect the wire from the splitter to the input outlet of the first and there will be another wire that should be plugged into the output outlet of the first amplifier. The second wire will have a male plug that should be connected to the next amplifier.

The above two methods are the ways in which two amplifiers can be hooked up to a single RCA jack of any electronic device without much difficulty. The only things needed are splitter cables and basic knowledge on how to connect wires.

Advantages and drawbacks of using Splitter cables and daisy-chaining

One of the advantages of using the splitter cable technique is to add more amplifiers to a single RCA jack. However, the technique of using a splitter cable to add one more amplifier to the RCA jack will reduce the quality of the sound being emanated because the single RCA jack is accustomed to run only one amplifier.

It will be built in such a way that they carry only a certain amount of power. This power would probably be shared by using the splitter cable technique; hence, both the amplifiers would get much less power, whereas when there is only one amplifier all the power goes to that one amplifier and hence would perform efficiently.

One of the advantages of daisy-chaining amplifiers to single RCA jacks is that several amplifiers can be added on with this technique. However, the daisy chain technique is very dangerous as it can lead to fire hazards. This is because daisy-chaining devices to the other can lead to electric failure and is even a fire hazard in many cases.

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