How to Sell Mixtapes Legally

How to Sell Mixtapes Legally

Here are some tips on how to sell mixtapes legally online and offline.

A decade ago, the mixtape industry had experienced an uncertain future. Looking back, mixtapes have played an increasingly significant role, especially in the hip-hop world. But now, the game in has changed. In today’s music industry, DJs have become one of the in-demand artists.

They play on events, concerts and even house parties. DJs do not write songs. Instead, they release mixtapes showcasing their skills in music blending and selection. But since most music they use is from copyrighted materials, selling of mixtapes have become illegal until now.

DJs are now learning how to sell their mixes legally without the threat of being sued by original music owners and record labels. There is now a simpler way of selling DJ’s mixes instead of contacting the original music owners and ask them for their permission and approval to use their original music.

That would mean more time, cost, and inconvenience for the DJs. DJs can now sell their mixtapes online for an extra cash, however, the money they get do not add much up.

Here are some ways on how to legally sell your mixtapes:

How to Sell Mixtapes Legally

1. Sell mixtapes online

DJs have been producing a mixtape for almost decade but it was only recently that they were given the option to make actual money from selling it.

Beatport Mixes and The Future FM are the platforms that allow DJs to upload their mixes legally and make a profit from it. Make sure to check out how to release your EP for tips and advice.

But since DJ’s mixes come from different original songs from different artists these music owners also need to get paid to avoid any legal charges which would mean that the profit would be shared by different actors. Only a small chunk of profit goes to the DJs in reality.

For example, Beatport Mixes sells a mixtape for $10 each. Some DJs only take 10% of which, while the other parts are intended for the record labels and the other goes to the performing rights of the artist.

Even with a small portion of profit, selling mixtapes through these sites like Beatport is the safest way to sell you mixes without being sued for copyright issues.

Beatport, for example, offers a wide range for music choice and a very user-friendly interface. It has a music library wherein you can retrieve previous purchases. After purchasing and mixing, you can easily upload your new mix to the website and make money from it legally.

2. Share DJ mixes Online

Sharing mixes online is an easier way if DJs do not want anything in return. Sharing for free lessens the possibility of having legal cases on copyright infringement. In some cases, where you experience copyright issues, the worst that could happen is they let you take down your mix and your effort will be lost.

However, some record labels let you include their artist’s music in your mixtape which would mean a promotion for them since you are marketing both your mixes and their artist for free.

You will also have much higher chances of reaching more people if you do not ask them to pay for your mixes since most people are accustomed to enjoying free music today and free trials of their services.

Most DJs are sharing their mixes not for the profit but as a way of advertising and marketing themselves and their music for a better chance of earning direct money when they are booked for gigs and other events.

Sites such as Mixcloud and Soundcloud have this process of self-promotion for the artist. They let you upload your music and promote it to followers. Releasing you mixes for free online is actually one of the best and most effective ways of generating money out of your mixtapes.

3. Submit your mixes for TV and films

There are many online sites such as,, or wherein music dealers can help you sell your music to companies and producers.

4. Find sponsorships and endorsement

Aside from TVs and films, try to find some organizations that could sponsor or endorse your mixtapes such as local radios, nightclubs drinks company and many more. Learn the art of shamelessly plugging yourself and your mixes to companies so that it will help you market your music and earn money for it.

5. Like other artist, explore the internet and set up your own website or blog.

This is one of the easiest ways to generate money from your mixtapes. The power of advertising and marketing through online website and media platforms are very effecting in reaching a wide scope of audience these days. Your website is your salesperson. Upload your bio and music for free so that you may be able to generate fan baes and get their support.

6. Identify the audience and materials

Basically, the basis of selling mixes online goes with your particular audience, what type of songs you are using.

For example, you have 30,000 followers on twitter and you are selling a mixtape composed of 30 hits, then you have to make sure that you will now encounter any legal issues or else, your time and effort for your mix would go to waste.

On the other case, if you are putting songs you like including mainstream hits, and you are to distribute for free with an audience of 3000, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all.


The Beatport, for example, continues to expand into the world of DJs with mixtapes as being the latest wave of music services. Mixes are promising to clear the way for a legitimate sale of mixtapes especially though Beatport if these artists have purchased them legally.

DJs and other aspiring musicians can explore sites like Beatport. Simple steps follow such as the purchase of tracks, recording of a mix, uploading music to the site.

Most DJs have a wide collection of music and mixes from different sources. However, even though they have legally purchased CDs, or track on iTunes, they still have to anticipate legal issues if they decide to upload and make money out of it. Also, check out my article on starting a rap career with no money. Thanks for reading how to sell mixtapes legally.

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