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How to Test a Speaker with a Battery

How to test a speaker with a battery

How to test a speaker with a battery

Speakers are one of the electronic devices that are commonly bought by a lot of people around the world. Sometimes a speaker may be damaged or might have faulty wiring in the internal part of the device.

And these internal damages cannot be found out with the help of the naked human eye. If these are not checked before buying a speaker, the whole point of owning a speaker will be defeated.

The easiest and most efficient way of checking whether a speaker is functioning or damaged or worn out is by testing it with the help of a battery. The battery that should be used to test the speaker should be a nine-volt battery.

After obtaining a nine-volt battery, all one has to do is connect the positive lead of the speaker to the positive end of the battery and connect the negative lead of the wire to the negative end of the battery.

After connecting the wires to the battery, a pulse or a static should be emanated from the speaker, if it is is in good condition. On the other hand, if the speaker is not in good condition, then there will be no pulse or static and one can conclude that the speaker is not in a functioning state.

This battery testing works with the speakers that have positive and negative wiring that is used to connect to other electronic devices such as a stereo.