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Pop Filter for Blue Snowball

Pop Filter for Blue Snowball

Pop Filter for Blue Snowball

What is a Pop Filter?

A pop filter is an item that helps protect the audio recording from noise when using microphones. It can be used mostly to filter out the popping sounds or the “plosives” sounds such as “k”, “p”, or “t”. These sounds can cause fast airstream from your mouth when it hits the microphone.

This leads to unpleasant popping noise and low rumbling sounds when recording which is not ideal because it produces cheap sound quality. When you use a pop filter, the voice being recorded can still be accepted by the microphone but the hard-hitting air is being eliminated or stopped by the filter mesh. This means that using a pop filter allows you to remove pops and produce higher quality sound recordings.

Pop Filter for a Blue Snowball

Having a pop filter for your Blue Snowball is a great idea if you want to have an excellent sound recording. If you set up your mic close to your mouth, it will give you the best sound results and using a pop filter is one of the most reliable ways to prevent making pop sounds in that case.

There are also cases when a pop filter can help you keep the recording clear and clean especially when you are changing your angle or raising your voice.

Pop Filter for Blue Snowball Buying Guide

Before purchasing a pop filter, there are important things that you need to know.


The effectiveness of the pop filter will greatly depend on the quality of the mesh being used. If you are using the Blue Snowball, selecting a mesh made of metal or nylon would not matter. If you use a cheap nylon type, then it is recommended to use double mesh to make it more effective.


The gooseneck or the arm of the pop filter must be able to stay in its place. You will need an arm that can hold multiple and flexible positions if you want to attach the pop filter to the Blue Snowball’s desk stand.


You will also need a durable and strong clamp that will hold the filter effectively as there are cases that low-quality clamp leads to coming off of the filter during recording sessions.

Top Three Pop Filters for Blue Snowball:

1. Professional Muff Cover Windshield for Blue Snowball

The Professional Muff Cover Windshield is a good choice for your Blue Snowball condenser mic. It has the ability to reduce wind sound and other noise interference especially when recording. It offers high-quality and clear audio recording.

This Professional Muff Cover Windshield is suitable for outdoor or even wide environment recording. Its wind cover is very effective in eliminating plosive sounds and noise. This Professional Muff Cover comes with artificial furry wind cover that does its job in reducing wind noise and other interference.

It can be easily installed and guarantees to fit in the Blue Snowball perfectly. The furry material being used is made of high quality that can last for years of use. It has the ability to capture subtle tones and at the same time block unwanted noise while recording. This Professional Muff Cover can also protect your condenser mic from saliva and dust.


  • Commendable noise-reduction feature
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to put on


  • Buttons may snap on the back

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2. Foam Microphone Windscreen for Blue Snowball

The Foam Microphone Windscreen is also one of the recommended pop filters for Blue Snowball. For its cheap price, you are guaranteed to have an excellent sound output with this pop filter. It is one of the best choices when it comes to eliminating and reducing pops and background shuffles which gives off the clear and clean sound recording.

It also fits perfectly with Snowballs as it can be easily slipped on to the mic. The Foam Microphone Windscreen is ideal for recording at outdoor areas or environment with high winds. It produces a deeper voice and more depth sound which is ideal for podcasting. When using this one, you can noticeably see the noise reduction and lessened pop sounds when recording.


  • Easy setup
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent in eliminating pops and other noise
  • Recommended for Blue Snowballs


  • Need to stretch the foam to fit cable

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3. YOUSHARES Blue Snowball Pop Filter

The Youshares Pop Filter is specifically designed for Blue Snowball condenser mics. It offers excellent sound quality while eliminating popping, wind, and other noise to improve sound outputs. When it comes to reducing white noise and pops, the Youshares Pop Filter will not disappoint you.

It has a snug fit that allows the attachments and cord to be mounted on the Blue Snowball. It also has a complete cover that prevents saliva and dust from entering the mic. The Youshares Pop Filter is easy to use and is ideal for beginners.

It can be used on multiple recording activities such as interviews, podcasts, voice or instrument recordings, or conference calls. It creates clear voice recording which is recommended for podcasting and home-recording projects.  With its cheap price, the Youshares Pop Filter is surely a great value for your money.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy fit
  • Affordable
  • Great filter for noise


  • Can’t change the Snowball’s mode

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If you are doing recording activities such as song rehearsals, lectures, interviews, or podcasts, you would want to have good sound output. In order to achieve this, you will be needing a set of equipment that can help you gain quality audio and recording.

If you own a Blue Snowball condenser mic, a pop filter can be of help. Using a pop filter could help you achieve recording clean and clear sounds without noise or background interference or other popping sounds caused by being too close to the mic when recording.

If you are planning to buy a pop filter, make sure to check all the product’s features in order to compare it with your preference. There are many pop filters available in the market and some of them are specifically designed to fit and work perfectly with Blue Snowball mics.