Shallow Mount Subwoofer Box for Trucks

Shallow Mount Subwoofer Box for Trucks

Shallow Mount Subwoofer Box for Trucks

Shallow Mount Subwoofer Box for Trucks

If you like some deep bass music for your car, then a subwoofer and a box are all that you need. A subwoofer is a type of speaker that gives low-frequency sounds. It helps improve the quality of audio to a great extent regardless of the type of music you are into.

A subwoofer is placed into an enclosure or subwoofer box which greatly affects that quality of sound. The quality of bass sound depends not only on the type of subwoofer but also on the type of speaker box you will mount into your car. If you want to achieve the best music performance, then an enclosure must be tightly constructed and durable.

Things You Should Know About Subwoofer Boxes

The sound coming from the subwoofer is mainly affected by the type of enclosure or speaker box you will use. There are different types of enclosures you can find on the market today.

Types of Subwoofer Enclosures

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A sealed subwoofer box has a tight and accurate bass which is suitable for mostly all types of vehicle and use. The sound quality of sealed boxes is excellent and the bass has a decent level compared to other types. It also takes more power input in order to produce a high level of music. This box is best paired with an amplifier with ample wattage.

Bandpass Box

This type of enclosure is a combination of both ported and sealed box wherein the subwoofer is sealed with a semi-vented enclosure. This box gives an excellent bass boost capacity


Ported box has a built-in vent which allows you to play louder music with less power input. The bass level is louder with this type of box compared to sealed enclosures. However, the quality is lower.

Top Three Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer Box for Trucks:

1. Bbox 12AME 12-Inch Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure

If you are looking for a small sealed box that can fit into a tight area, then this Bbox 12AME Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure is the right one for you. This enclosure does not require advanced skills to build and set up. The box has a solid construction and can hold up the woofer so well.

The Bbox 12AME Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure has a nice finish and has a tight bass response. This sealed enclosure has a signature Miter and Dado Construction feature along with a high-grade premium carpeted finish. Its charcoal carpet can match any type of vehicle interior.

The Bbox 12AME Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure also uses Atrend special glue that has the ability to hold maintain the box for a long time.


– Great box

– Sound good

– Heavy duty

– Good quality

– Value for money

– Solid construction


– Carpet lining is thin

2. Atrend 10SME Shallow Mount Subwoofer Enclosure

The Atrend 10SME Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure is designed and engineered in the USA. This Bbox from Atrend is not just a box. This Atrend 10SME Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure is one of the strongest boxes in the market today.

Its outside panel is made with signature Miter and Dado Construction which is known for excellent structural subwoofer enclosures. It comes with unique construction techniques that can provide great sound quality and unsurpassed build enclosures.

This enclosure comes with mitered edge construction that gives a tighter seal and cleaner finish. Its Dado Joint feature gives an 80% increase in the surface area compared to other brands and guarantees to provide unsurpassed strength that can withstand hard-hitting subwoofers.

The Atrend 10SME Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure has a 1” thick MDF front battle to give a solid surface and good sound quality. It also has a ¾” MDF panels designed to withstand deep bass.

It also uses special blend glue that has a powerful holding ability and durable seal. Lastly, its premium charcoal carpet is universal that it can match almost all types of vehicles.


– Well made

– Great sound

– Excellent glue

– Highly recommended

– Shallow mount

– Carpet is great

– Sturdy construction

– Does not budge in the backseat


– Speaker terminal housing leaks air

– Small thermal wire size

3. Rockville RDSM10 Shallow Mount Enclosure Box

The Rockville RDSM Dual Shallow Mount Enclosure Box is a sealed subwoofer box that is proudly made in the USA. It is built with the finest quality materials that guarantee an excellent level of sound performance. It comes with heavy-duty MDF constructions and precision-cut mounting holes and high-grade glue for reliable and durable adhesion.

The Rockville RDSM Dual Shallow Mount Enclosure Box has been designed and tested to work with almost every subwoofer in the market today. This sealed enclosure is constructed with USA Grade-A MDF wood. The box uses a 5/8” in order to have a mounting depth as shallow as possible.

The Rockville RDSM Dual Shallow Mount Enclosure Box uses a precision-cut machine and excellent quality glue that can allow the carpet wrapping to stay in place for a longer time.

Lastly, the Rockville RDSM Dual Shallow Mount Enclosure Box is made proudly of imported wood which allows your box to deliver excellent sound performance at an optimum level without distorting your woofers.


– Extremely affordable

– High quality

– Durable build

– Best for shallow subwoofer

– Sounds great

– Great value for money

– Sturdy

– Excellent adhesion


– The box is too big

Final Words

There are several subwoofer boxes available in the market today. Some people even prefer to design and build their own subwoofer box. if you want to buy an enclosure or subwoofer box, it is important to carefully assess the type of truck you have, the space, materials, mounting depth, and the size of the box you are interested to buy.

The quality of sound that will be produced on your subwoofer speaker will greatly depend on the selection and placement of your enclosure. If you are able to consider these features mentioned above, then surely you will be able to achieve a wonderfully sounding experience with your music on your truck!

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