Best Speaker Box for Single Cab Truck Systems

Speaker Box for Single Cab Truck

Best Speaker Box for Single Cab Truck

Best Speaker Box for Single Cab Truck

A subwoofer is one of the most essential components that you need if you want to upgrade your truck into an awesome music-giver on the go. If you want to experience the best music while driving on the highway, then selecting the best subwoofer and speaker boxes is a crucial activity.

These subwoofers are made to enhance the bass frequencies which cannot be handled by simple speakers alone. These subwoofers can provide clearer and more powerful audio. With the right subwoofer, you can achieve those clean bass notes that are free of any distortion.

Aside from subwoofer, choosing the right speaker box is also an important choice. There are many types of enclosure boxes that can fit the right bass drivers.

The main role of the speaker box is to separate the waves being produced by the front speaker from the waves being produced by the back speaker. Enclosures are needed to ensure that these waves do not meet as they will cancel each other and will lead to producing a poor bass response, especially with lower frequencies or bass.

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Things You Need to Know About Speaker Boxes (Sealed Enclosure):

– There are different types of enclosure boxes.

– The sealed enclosure is a type of box that is simple and airtight.

– The air inside cannot escape when the speaker box moves.

– Instead, it also alters the pressure inside.

– The sealed speaker box is the easiest type to design and build.

– You can stuff the box with sound dampening materials that help absorb waves and yield better sound results.

– Sealed enclosures have a better transient response.

Top Three Best Speaker Box for Single Cab Truck:

1. Bbox A152-12CP Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure

Bbox Dual Sealed 12 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure - Pro Series Dual Sealed SPL Car Subwoofer Boxes & Enclosures - Premium Subwoofer Box Improves Audio Quality, Sound & Bass - Spring Terminals
  • Dual 12 Inch Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure: The Bbox 12...
  • Special Formula: We Use Aliphatic Wood Glue On Our 12"...
  • High Grade Mdf: Our Subwoofer Box Enclosures Are Built...
  • Airtight Recessed Side Panels: We Use Quality Materials...

The Bbox A152-12CP Dual Subwoofer Enclosure is a 12-inch dual-sealed subwoofer enclosure that is specifically designed to give low frequency and optimum bass response that is very ideal for low profile sound subwoofer. It has an OEM-Fit design that is engineered particularly for a 1999-2007 GMC trucks or Chevrolet.

The Bbox A152-12CP Dual Subwoofer Enclosure is made with high-grade MDF for an ultimate no-flex construction and structural rigidity. The Bbox A152-12CP Dual Subwoofer Enclosure has 2.24 cubic feet volume on its internal air space which is ideal for tight and accurate bass reproduction.

Its Subwoofer Mounting Depth is around 7 inches which is ideal for low profile subwoofers. The Bbox A152-12CP Dual Subwoofer Enclosure is formulated with Aliphatic Wood Glue that can ensure an airtight seal between all parts with just a matter of seconds with glue.

It also comes with a durable and premium OEM Grade Carpeting. All in all, the box is extremely well-built and sealed nicely. When you try this item, you will hear no weird or rattle sounds.


– Perfect fit

– Great sound

– Well-built

– Sealed nicely

– Easy to assemble


– The connection port may leak air

2. Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Cab Enclosure by American Sound Connection

Compatible with Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra Full Size Extended Cab Truck 2007-2013 Dual 12" Subwoofer Sub Box Speaker Enclosure
  • Dimensions: Width 55-3/4" x Front Height 8-3/4" x Rear...
  • Install Location: Under Rear Seat
  • Install Notes: No Modifications Required
  • Mounting Depth: 6 Inches
  • Air Space: 0.60 Cubic Feet

If you are interested in adding bass to your regular cab truck, then the Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Cab Enclosure by American Sound Connection is the perfect solution! This Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Cab Enclosure can be placed into any regular vehicle. This product is designed to perfectly fit behind the seat.

The Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Cab Enclosure is sure to produce excellent sound quality. The box has a decent mounting depth for entry and a flat-piston subwoofer. Their boxes are made with accurate MDF precision cuts and nicely nailed and sealed.

The Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Cab Enclosure is covered with high-quality carpet that can match almost all types of interiors. Its boxes have high-quality spring-loaded cups for ultimate connection.

If you want to experience the maximum performance with every inch of space, then this Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Cab Enclosure is guaranteed to provide such.


– Excellent sound quality

– Value for money

– High-quality materials

– Affordable


– Too thick

3. Dual 12-Inch Regular Cab Truck Speaker Enclosure

Dual 12" Subwoofer Regular Standard Cab Truck Sub Box Enclosure 5/8" MDF - Black
  • Dimensions: Width 48-3/4" x Height 14-1/4" x Depth One...
  • Mounting Depth: 5-1/4 Inches
  • Air Space: 1.25 Cubic Feet

This Dual 12-Inch Regular Cab Truck Speaker Enclosure is specifically compatible with Chevy Silverado or a GMC Sierra. This speaker box can fit almost regular cab trucks from the 1988 model to 2006. This Dual 12-Inch Regular Cab Truck Speaker Enclosure can be placed behind the seat and can fit comfortably into trucks with or without center console.

The box has an airspace of 1.98 cubic feet. The back of this box is a flat surface from both ends. The Dual 12-Inch Regular Cab Truck Speaker Enclosure is a decent box that can surely provide good sound quality. Its speaker connections are also solid.

This fairly-priced speaker enclosure features a specialized cutout that can be used in mounting and an amplifier inside the center console. This Dual 12-Inch Regular Cab Truck Speaker Enclosure is built to precisely fit in almost every vehicle interiors and assures you to provide maximum performance with these high-quality boxes.


– Well-built

– Affordable

– Good sound

– Universal fit


– Bass may vibrate

– Air comes out


There are many types and brands of speaker box enclosures in the market today. If you are deciding which one is the best, it is important to check which type of vehicle you have and assess the sound needs that you wish to achieve. By doing so, you can easily make up your mind and choose the one that is perfect for your truck.

For beginners, your choice of speaker boxes may lie around between bass reflex and sealed. If you want an optimum bass performance, then you should opt for a more advanced type of enclosure and go for a bass-reflex type.

If you want to have something that is easy to design and build, then opt for sealed enclosures that can offer the same decent audio that can be offered by other types. Check again these products mentioned above to help you get started!

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