Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier

Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier

Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier

Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier

One of the main objectives of an amplifier is to improve the bass of your subwoofers. Most often, it takes a lot of power to project low-sounding notes. That is why choosing the appropriate amplifier is vital if you want to produce excellent quality sound on your component subwoofers.

There are specific types of amplifiers that are designed to play low frequencies without creating any distortion and can give clean power in order to fill your car with the best and powerful bass beats you like.

What is a Mono Car Amplifier?

Monoblock Amplifier is a high-powered unit that uses class D technology in order to avoid straining and overheating a car’s electrical system. For an efficient sound performance, two subwoofers are usually wired together to a single monoblock amp since it is more stable when power demand increases.

Mono amps can only transmit single audio signals making them not suitable for stereo music. Rather, this mono amp can be used to transmit power into a single speaker which can produce low frequency and powerful sounds. Most mono amps are suitable for any type of speaker having an ohm rating in multiples of two such as 4, 6, 8, and 10.

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Why Choose Mono Amp?

Mono amplifiers are not so complicated unlike multi-channel amps making them easy to use and cost-efficient.

Since these mono amps are used as a power supply for subwoofers, most music enthusiasts will be able to save money by buying lesser expensive mono amp while using power from the multi-channel amp in order to deliver signals to other speakers. This in return will give richer and cleaner music for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Choosing the best mono amp can be a tricky task especially if you have hundreds of products to choose from in the market. If you are decided to buy one, here are some of the things you might want to consider:

– It is very important to start your buying experience with a goal in mind. You must define your purpose of buying a mono amp so that you can easily make wise decisions later on.

When buying a mono amp, make sure to consider primarily your purpose whether it is for outdoor use or for your car’s stereo system. Defining your intent for buying at the very beginning will help you narrow down your choices.

– Most amplifiers are huge and heavy which means they would require a particular amount of space, especially in your car. If you already have decided where to put the product, then you can easily choose the amp that will perfectly fit. The purpose and size of the amplifiers are the most important considerations you need to take note.

– Power ratings are also important. Make sure to choose the legit products that have true power ratings since there are also many amps that make false claims on their power ratings which will eventually lead to complications and damage later on.

– For safety purposes, make sure to choose amps with wires that are oxygen-free copper (OFC) instead of selecting copper clad aluminum (CCA). OFC has the ability to provide safer and better electrical flow.

Top 3 Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier:

1. Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D

If you are looking for an amplifier that can satisfactorily power up your subs for an upgraded and awesome car experience, then this Rockford Fosgate 1200-1D is the right one for you. With this new and improved mono amp, you can experience a different level of music entertainment in your car.

This highly-efficient amplifier comes with features that are guaranteed to improve your car audio. The Rockford Fosgate 1200-1D is a Class D amplifier that is perfect for all types of vehicles. It can fit perfectly into a track or small car such as sports cars.

Its unique feature includes MOSFET power supply, 4-gauge ground connectors, RCA outputs, infrasonic filter, 12dB octave crossover, and thermal sensing on its power supply. Among these features, the Rockford Fosgate 1200-1D boasts on its massive power supply.

This amp is tiny and compact yet it has the ability to overshadow the sound system around it. This amp can quickly respond to demands being thrown at the audio system. It has the ability to produce up to 1200 watts in a 1-ohm load without the worry of damaging its electrical system.

The Rockford Fosgate 1200-1D uses as Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) power supply that has maximum power efficiency.  The Rockford Fosgate 1200-1D comes with a cast aluminum on its body. It comes with a top control panel at the top. This amp guarantees durability and quality.


– Durable

– Loud sound

– Solid

– Lightweight

– Compact

– Comes with warranty

– CEA 2006 compliant

– Powerful amp

– Modern and space-saving

– High-quality materials

– Can protect the amp from short circuit and overloading

– Distortion-free and super loud


– Can get a bit hot

2. Pioneer GM-D9701 2400W

If you are looking for enough power to boost your car audio, then the Pioneer GM-D9701 will not disappoint. No matter how you configure your mono amplifier, you will still have 2400 maximum watts with this amp that can surely satisfy your power-hungry subs.

If you want to slam up your music more, then Pioneer GM-D9701 is a decent choice as it comes with a bass boost. The best thing about Pioneer’s GM Series is that it gives more attention to details. The Pioneer GM-D9701 boasts its high-quality chassis with a rugged and durable design.

This amplifier can provide maximum power even with its compact size. This product comes with a wired bass level control remote and comes with a MOSFET power supply. It also has some LED indicators for power and protection settings.

The Pioneer GM-D9701 has a soft turn-on feature, a mono-channel operation, and RCA outputs. It has 3-way protection circuitry that can sense internal temperature and has the ability to automatically moderate accordingly the input level.

It comes with a high-quality build. It uses heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat sink, nickel-plated screw terminals, RCA level inputs, and variable low-pass filter.


– The maximum amount of power

– Versatile

– More installation options

– High-quality components

– Compact design

– Very loud sound


– May overheat when used too much

3. Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W

Kenwood has been around for years now. When it comes to high-quality audio products, this brand is definitely among the top. The Kenwood KAC-9106D is one of their products that can surely satisfy your thirst for power. If you are looking for an amp with a sleek and slim design, then this product is a decent choice for you.

When it comes to design, the Kenwood KAC-9106D has a pretty cover panel that comes with a big Kenwood logo on its surface. It has a LED indicator at the top which adds beauty to the overall appearance of the amp. The Kenwood KAC-9106D has a MOSFET power supply at 2000 watts.

Like most amps, the Kenwood KAC-9106D has an infrasonic filter, variable low pass filter, and speaker level output. Its low pass has a frequency response of up to 200 Hz and up to 50 Hz with infrasonic. One of the best features of this amp is its bass boost. The Kenwood KAC-9106D can provide up to +18dB boost at 40 Hz.

Another thing about this amp is that it has a signal-sensing feature that turns the amp on while removing pops and other issues you might encounter during high volume operation. The quality of sound does not disappoint. Kenwood KAC-9106D gives loud yet clear audio that will make you enjoy your long drives.

When it comes to protection, this amp is made of large aluminum heat syncs that can protect the amp when overheating. If you are on a tight budget, then Kenwood KAC-9106D can be a great choice.

For a cheap price, you can still get most of your money with Kenwood KAC-9106D. This budget-friendly yet high-quality amp can surely give you excellent performance at a low price.


– Powerful

– Clear and clean sound

– Great value for money


– Bass is quite low


Choosing the best mono amplifier for your car can be a tough task especially if you have budget constraints. Fortunately, the audio and music industry has provided the market with vast choices of budget-friendly accessories such as mono amps.

Today, you can easily find a suited choice of an amp for your car without damaging too much your budget. You can still enjoy a loud boost of music on your car with quality amps at an affordable price. However, to be able to select the best amp might require some careful review and research on the product that can suit your music needs.

It is true that many manufacturers have produced several products yet you might become overwhelmed as they have almost the same features. If you are about to invest your money in this type of product, you need to have a quick background check in order to make an informed decision. These products mentioned above will help you narrow down your list.

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