Best Competition Amplifiers

Best Competition Amplifiers

Best Competition Amplifiers

Best Competition Amplifiers

If you want to experience bone-shaking bass and tooth-rattling sound, then a competition subwoofer is a must. However, this high-grade subwoofer also needs a powerful amplifier that can support your power-hungry sub.

If you are a serious audiophile who wants to enjoy extremely loud music and chest-pounding bass, then a competition amplifier will be the main key you need. A powerful competition amplifier will turn your music experience into a different level of excitement.

What is a Competition Amplifier?

Most car amps are built for essentially the same reason and they operate under the same principles. However, competition amplifiers are designed to perform on an extreme basis.

These competition amplifiers have beefy components and have higher-grade quality parts compared to standard ones. Because of these, competition amplifiers have the ability to provide outstanding music performance and give outrageous power without strain.

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Standard vs Competition Amplifiers

The market today offers a wide variety of car amplifiers. They come in different sizes, designs, and features. If you are looking for the best car amplifier for your vehicle, then a little research might be best. Before spending your money on car amps, it is important to know first the difference between standard amps versus competition amps.

Overall, standard and competition car amplifiers are more or less the same. They only differ in the sense that competition amps have higher power output and superior components. Unlike standard amps, these competition amps are designed to give tons of power for outrageous and extreme bass and sound.

They have high-grade components that can prevent the product from overheating. Generally, competition amps are paired with power-hungry SPL subwoofers. Lastly, competition amps are a bit pricey compared to standard amps since they are bigger and have higher-grade materials.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are decided to buy a competition amplifier for your car, then there are factors that need to be considered first. Initially, if you have dual-sub setup, then powering this would require a competition car amp that can load 1-ohm power. You might want to bridge multiple output ports when needing extra power.

Another factor you might want to consider is the overall build of the car amp. Take note of the quality of materials particularly its internal components such as shielding, input and output options, coil quality, capacity, thermal protection, heat dissipation, and more.

All of these factors mentioned are vital if you want a clean, safe, and powerful sound for your car’s audio system without distortion. In addition, internal circuitry also plays an important role in the amp’s frequency response.

Top 3 Best Competition Amplifiers:

If you want a great amplifier for your car, then a powerful car amplifier is needed. If you are invested to upgrade your car’s audio system, this article will provide you the best competition amplifiers to choose from:

1. Orion XTR2500

The Orion XTR2500 is one of the most versatile competition amps today. Aside from the ability to increase your car audio’s volume, it can also improve the weak audio signal. Because of its high supply of power, it can also support subwoofer and as well as high-grade speakers.

If you are buying an amp to improve your car’s audio system, then this Orion XTR2500 is definitely a good choice. This model provides 2500-watt power which means it can offer a decent power up to 4 speakers and a sub.  This product is also reasonably priced that is why choosing this amp can give you great value for your money.

When it comes to performance, the Orion XTR2500 will not disappoint. This product is known for power and performance. It comes with a slim and compact design which allows you to easily and quickly install it in your car. It is also loaded with a lot of good features even if it is small in size.

This model has a frequency response of up to 250 Hz. The Orion XTR2500 offers 2500 watt for 1-ohm load and 1600 watt for the 2-ohm load. Some configurations included in this amp are low pass crossovers, gain controls, RCA inputs, subsonic switch, and bass boost.

One of the good things about this Orion XTR2500 is that all connections and controls are placed on one side of the amp which makes it very convenient for you to manage especially when installed in a car. If you are looking for a mid-range budget-friendly and modern amplifier, then this Orion XTR2500 is actually a good choice.


– Powerful

– Easy to install

– Excellent build

– High-quality construction

– Small and compact

– Conveniently placed controls on one side

– Powerful heatsink

– Comes with cooling functions


– Have a tendency to overheat when used long

– Requires strong battery

2. Hifonics ZRX2416

Zeus series amps from Hifonics are known for delivering full-range audio made especially for music enthusiasts. Among their products, the Hifonics ZRX2416 is a 2400-watt Class D Amp that comes with high-quality Hifonics heatsink, MOSFET power supply, illuminated Hifonics badge, diagnostic indicators, remote level control, low-level RCA outputs and inputs, and more.

It has a power output of 2400 watts at 1-ohm, 1200 watts at 2-ohm, and 600 watts at 4-ohm which can surely fit your sound level preference within your car. It comes with heavy-duty aluminum alloy heatsink for extreme heat dissipation. The blue LED light below its logo indicates that the amp is powered on.

When the sound is distorting, this LED light becomes red to warn you. Although you can use one subwoofer on this amp, the Hifonics ZRX2416 is actually designed to power up to four subwoofers without compromising the sound quality and without any distortion.

For its specification, the Hifonics ZRX2416 has a variable low-pass filter with frequencies between 40 to 300 Hz. In order to protect it from any damage, the product has a built-in infrasonic filter with center frequencies between 10 to 40 Hz.

This amplifier also features an on-board bass equalizer for a boost. This amp also has a limited frequency response of up to 300 Hz. Lastly, the Hifonics ZRX2416 also features a four-way protection circuitry including power overload, thermal overheating, and speaker short.

This amp comes with HFR-3 remote bass control allowing you to conveniently change bass levels on your choice. For installation, this Hifonics ZRX2416 can easily fit in your car as it comes with compact and lightweight design.


– Great power

– Very loud music

– Affordable

– Excellent sound


– Lighting is too bright

3. Rockville dB15 6000 Watt

One of the most impressive competition amps in the market today is the Rockville dB15. This powerful amp is robustly built. It is a Class D mono amp with high power up to 6000 watts and 2-ohm stable. The Rockville dB15 is CEA-2006 compliant which means it more reliable than other competition amps in the market.

It comes with superior quality components that compete along with top brands in the audio industry. This 4-channel amplifier offers high output low impedance setting that can power up your car’s audio bass speakers. It has an excellent subsonic filter and an adjustable crossover that allows you to adjust and control the bass level with differential circuitry.

The Rockville dB15 also features a built-in soft start technology that protects the system from turning on at full volume when they are switched off. This product is also protected by a professional-grade peak limiter that can guarantee playback without any distortion.

If you decide to buy Rockville dB15, then you guaranteed a high-quality product since Rockville products are fully tested twice which makes your money worth the purchase.

Other features of Rockville dB15 include phase control switch, LED indicator for status mode, soft and delay start and mute setting, bass equalizer, MOSFET power supply and more. With its compact size, Rockville dB15 will surely fit comfortably in your car.


– Loud music

– High-speed power supply

– Adjustable bass equalization

– IC controlled protection

– Great power rating

– Affordable

– 2-ohm stable

– High-grade components

– CEA-2006 compliant


– Installing needs time


Choosing the best competition amp is not an easy task especially if you are about to spend a huge amount of money on this kind of product.

The market offers a lot of excellent high-grade amps that provide awesome features. Whether you are planning to join car shows or you just want to upgrade your music experience, selecting the best competition amp is a delicate choice.

That is why you need to consider a lot of factors before spending your money. Purchasing a high-grade amp is an investment that must be carefully considered. This article gave you a rundown of some of the best competition amps you can find in the market today.

We have considered both quality and budget. These products mentioned above might help you narrow down your choices. Make sure to look over them again so that you can choose the best competition amp that can suit your sound requirements.

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