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Guitars With Thin Necks for Small Hands

Guitars With Thin Necks for Small Hands

Guitars With Thin Necks for Small Hands

Looking for the perfect guitar will always depend on the people’ choice and preference. All guitars vary in shape, size, genres, styles, and sounds. For its physical appearance, there are also guitars that are small, big, light and heavy.

People with small hands often have a hard time to play guitars properly because a standards size guitar is not made for them. Luckily, there are manufacturers in the market nowadays that offer customized size especially built for those aspiring artists with small hands as well as kids and beginners.

Since many companies offer different models and brands, you may want to have some research first on the specifications of different guitar models particularly with slimmer necks which are compatible with small hands.

Factors to Consider if you want to buy a Guitar for Small Hands

Finding the perfect guitar for people with small hands is not an easy task but with the right knowledge, you can surely find one.

Slim Neck

If you want to buy an acoustic guitar for small hands, it is ideal if you select a model with a slimmer neck. Guitars with slim neck make it easier for children and small hands to grab and reach the frets and be able to produce chords.

It is also essential to have a slim neck guitar because it will allow you to play on a faster tempo as you can change chords at ease.

The Strings

Most acoustic guitars for smaller hands have string length that is suitable for this particular users. String length is mostly about 22 to 24.6 inches. Shorter string length would allow the users to exert lesser power and strength.

Having an appropriate length of strings will make the user play easier and more comfortably be able to access all of the chords. Lighter strings are also recommended for small guitars particularly the acoustic.

Here are Some of the Best Guitars for Small Hands

1. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa

The Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa is a great model guitar for practice, travelers, and beginners who want to explore the music industry. If you have smaller hands and shorter fingers, then this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa is the perfect choice for you.

This guitar features a body with wood-pattern HPL with one style Sitka spruce bracing. It comes with a Micarta fretboard and bridge, with 23 inches scale, a modified low-oval Stratabond neck, and a signature Martin’s patented noise. It has a Martin script logo along with the headstock.

The LXM includes a heavy-padded bag for gigs and travels. This compact guitar does not only boasts its lightweight and size but it produces an excellent sound. If you are looking for an affordable mini guitar that can suit your small hands, then this LXK2 is a top choice.

The hardware of the Martin LXK2 is made of solid FSC richlite bridge with white tusq saddle and a set of chrome tuning machines. Its bridge provides a nice sustain. When it comes to sound quality, this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa will not disappoint.

This particular model gives you a balanced sound with enough low-end response. It also gives a crisp high that can satisfy your standards. The LXK2 is perfect if you are more particular with fingerstyle than usual strumming.

Overall, this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa is an affordable guitar with great value. This guitar is a perfect match for those who are on a budget but still want a good quality guitar for people with smaller hands.

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2. Martin LXM Little Martin

All Little Martin guitar series is known for its legendary and quality guitars designed for children and adult with small hands. The Martin LXM Little Martin is made of a birch laminate slim neck and a Richlite 20-unit fretboard that will surely fit smaller hands and shorter fingers.

With its petite size, the price can be pretty ideal. When you go on a search, the Martin LXM Little Martin -Natural will surely top off the list because of its excellent sound quality and feels. This Little Marin is a small scale guitar with a slimmer neck and body.

It is made of 23 inches solid Sitka pruce on top and high-pressure mahogany on the sides and back. For small performance and practice sessions, this guitar is an ideal choice. For being a high quality yet compact guitar, nothing can be a Martin LXM guitar.


– Functional tuner

– Sturdy body

– Solid Spruce


– Strings are heavy for the body

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3. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

The Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is a short scale size acoustic guitar designed for music enthusiasts who have short hands. It features a Mahogany Pattern texture finish and Sitka pruce top. It comes with a Rust Stratabond neck and a Solid Morado fingerboard.

This Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar gives a compact sound at its size. The best part is that this awesome model is very affordable but with great value.

The sound projection it produces may not match the standard dreadnought but for beginners and aspiring artist, this model is the perfect choice for a start. The Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is a 23 in scale guitar with 20 frets made from FSC richlite.


– Affordable price

– Solid top

– Travel size


– Laminate construction

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Picking the best guitar for small hands is not a stressful task if you know exactly what you need. Whether you are an amateur performer or just a beginner, a small and compact guitar with a slim neck as the most appropriate one to choose.

Having a guitar with a slim neck allows the guitarist to be able to reach all chords at ease, and allows to play at a faster tempo. The guitars mentioned above are some of the top choices you may consider if you want to buy one. Considering all the factors for selecting a guitar, they will surely fit your music preference.