How to Measure Watts on an Amplifier

How to Measure Watts on Amplifier

How to Measure Watts on an Amplifier

How to measure watts on an amplifier

The term watt is a measuring unit. It was framed after a Scottish inventor named James Watt. With respect to a speaker or an amplifier, a watt is nothing but the measurement that helps in finding out the energy used by an amplifier or a speaker per second to convert them into sound.

One of the easiest ways to calculate watt is by using Ohm’s law. It is one of the widely used electrical engineering formulae in the world today.

It is easy to measure watts of any electronic device if one has basic knowledge in this filed. The following are the simple steps to measure watts on an amplifier.

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to find out the amount of voltage used by the audio device while operating. This is not a very hard task because every electronic device comes with all the information about it in the package in which they are sold. If the information is not on the package, then it can be found in the user manual of the audio device. If the audio device is bought as a second-hand device and the information for the same is missing, it is easy to find about the same in PDF formats online. Note down the voltage of the device; this is crucial for the last step.
  • The second step is to find out the recommended amount of current or power that can pass through the wire of the audio device. This information will also be available in the above-mentioned documents. You need t0 note down the current of the audio device.
  • The last step is nothing but to calculate Ohm’s law for power. The formula for the Ohm’s law is P=V*I. In this equation P is power, V is voltage and I is current. The value of current and voltage that you have noted down in the first and second steps should be applied in the Ohm’s law formula. The resulting answer is the wattage of a speaker or an amplifier.

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